Project Embabazi

Supporting Communities in Uganda

About Us

Project Embabazi empowers communities in south-western Uganda to improve the standard of living of all members of the community by providing funding, training and support for appropriate sustainable community projects involving education, training and healthcare.

They are poor communities where many families survive on subsistence agriculture, living in little more than mud huts, with no electricity, no running water and no sewerage systems. UK visitors to these communities are always astonished by the generosity of the people; they have little, but what they have is shared. They are communities who are determined to work to improve their living standards, despite limited resources and the constant struggle for education.

The charity requires local community associations to be established in south-western Uganda and they submit proposals to the organisation for grant funding. The local Ugandan people are responsible for implementing the projects including resourcing materials and labour. Project Embabazi oversees the decisions, advises and guides when appropriate, fundraises, provides resources and ensures transparent transfer of funds by keeping full accounts in the UK and Uganda.

Recent and current projects include grants for primary and secondary school fees and university fees for the education and training of individuals in the communities, community grants for school buildings and a health clinic, grants for educational resources for primary and secondary schools, training grants for the establishment of micro-enterprise schemes, community grants for sustainable animal sponsorship schemes.